Thea Gilmore + Support: Blair Dunlop

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Friday 2nd June 2017
7:45pm to 10:30pm (Doors 7.00pm)

General Admission: £18/£22 (door)         Under 16s: £14/£18 (door)

That Thea Gilmore’s latest album is as ethereal as it is thought-provoking, as bewitching as it is bold, will come as no surprise to her army of admirers. Since releasing her debut as a teenager nearly 20 years ago, the Oxfordshire-raised, Cheshire-based, the chart-topping singer and songwriter has gained global acclaim for making music not only of extraordinary beauty, but of rare honesty and insight.

What will surprise fans is how The Counterweight sounds. Fifteen albums in, Thea has all but abandoned her trusty acoustic guitar in favour of an iPad and a piano. The change forced her out of her comfort zone in to exploring new methods of composing as well as new ways of recording. While, sonically, The Counterweight marks a fresh start, its outward-looking themes – the shifting political landscape, our absorption in technology, America’s gun culture and the search for hope in times of trouble included – bear striking similarities to Thea’s 2003 breakthrough album Avalanche. So much so, in fact, that the singer considers The Counterweight a companion album to Avalanche, or more accurately, “its more mature older sister”.

“Gilmore is blazing her own path towards classic status as a songwriter” – The Guardian.

“Vituperative, intelligent and sharp as a tack..” – The Observer

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Blair Dunlop

Chesterfield singer-songwriter Blair Dunlop is a cult hero, an artist whose work is adored by those who come across it. Following a busy period in 2015/16, Blair has retreated to write a new collection of songs, (already being billed as the modern Heartbreaker).

The singer-songwriter released his third full-length album, ‘Gilded’, to rave reviews and embarked on a UK headline tour.

Blair’s career continues to go from strength to strength. He has won awards, toured all over the UK and overseas, collaborated with a variety of writers and musicians, moved to London and set up his own record label (Gilded Wings Records), all of which have informed, and are reflected in, his mature and astute musical musings. The Guardian described him as “an increasingly adventurous songwriter”, and it rings even truer now. Blair has the confidence and experience to make the music he has always wanted to.


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