Coda: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Presented by:
Zoot Alors Promotions

Saturday 11th May 2019
7:30pm to 10:00pm (Doors 6:45pm)

Early Bird: £18
Door: £20

CODA are the UK’s most authentic-sounding and looking tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin, featuring four musicians who faithfully recreate the excitement, energy, passion and magic of the world’s most famous rock band!

The attention to detail is unrivaled, they’ve got the sound, the look, the hair, the instruments and the on-stage mannerisms, you could almost believe you were watching the real thing! Expect all the classics in this two hour show such as Stairway to Heaven, Rock and Roll, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love and a whole lot more! Dust off your flares and travel back in time with us!

Coda aim to mimic a Led Zeppelin show in all its glory. From the authentic instruments to the superb hand-made costumes, we can take you to a place where no other Led Zeppelin tribute band in history will, right back to the glory days of the late 60’s and the 70’s!

And not only does CODA – a Tribute to Led Zeppelin LOOK authentic, it sounds authentic too. Ludwig Vistalite drum kit, replete with Ludwig 402 snare drum and Paiste 2002 cymbals, reminiscent of Bonzo’s set up in the mid 70’s? Check! Replica Gibson Les Paul hand-made by our guitarist Adam Rose-Alison, with many authentic and reproduction parts so good that you would almost believe it came from 1959? Check! Iconic Gibson EDS 1275 copy, also hand-made by Adam, as used on live versions of Stairway to Heaven, the Rain Song and many more? Check!

This is why the CODA – a Tribute to Led Zeppelin experience is truly THE Led Zeppelin experience for all Led Zeppelin fans, and fans of great music, all over the world. All four members of CODA – a Tribute to Led Zeppelin are all huge fans of Led Zeppelin and have formed this band with the intention of producing the foremost tribute to the greatest rock band ever. No wigs, no egos, no theatricals and no backing tracks, just the pure magic, power and excitement of the best music ever, performed with love, for you!